Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aglow Notes

So, every day for the last couple of weeks, I have been going over the Aglow notes I told you about awhile back. As I said before, I am working on year 1998. If I work hard, I can get them done by the end of May. One day, as I was messing around in my bookshelves, I opened a folder and found the other five years of notes. These are the ones I thought I had already done. I have over 100 tiny handwritten pages. Thats' why I thought that. At first I was totally discouraged. I like to get thenigs done. Don't you? But then again, now I have all these new notes and speakers to read and enjoy and learn from. I am finding that as I condense and rewrite the notes from one group of papers to another, and then underline even further, getting the really good sturf, that I am getting it into my head. All that pushing down is causing the material to go the most important distance in the world to me, the distance from my head to my heart. Then I can speak it out and I can use it. I never just want to hear something. I want to chew it up and use it.
With the new speeches, I think I will hightlight the good stuff instead of rewriting it. It's just easier to see that way. If I find this is ineffective, I'll go back to the old way.
This note study is on top of the Bible and prayer. It has been wonderful for me.
Right now, I am between "jobs." I will soon be very busy again. I don't know what will happen to this project. I hope I can take just one page and go over it and let it sink in. I just wanted to share how much I enjoy getting God's words and ideas. It has been such a blessing. Nancy


  1. We don't have Aglow here, do you know if it is still up and running in our Nation?

  2. Yolanda - So good to hear from you. The last Aglow I attended was in 2003. I'll check on this and let you know. The state conferences were fabulous.

  3. Yolanda - I checked and you can reach Aglow by going to Womens'Aglow International, then USA, then Lighthouse and your state. There are still many chapters and conferences available.