Friday, May 8, 2009

The Wind

By Gracie Prior
It was really windy this morning. I had to put the garbage out and the two cans fell over even before I got out of the driveway. I set them upright. When I came home, the brown can had scattered debris up the street and I went over to the neighbors to get it.
I went to my prayer partner’s house. On the way home, I had to stop my car and move a garbage can out of the street. At home again, our gray garbage can was just gone. I went looking for it, but couldn’t find it.
In spite of the irritants of the enemy and they were many this morning, I love the wind and I praised God. Though the sky was generally gloomy today, the sun (Son) peeked through often as if to say, "I’m still here, take heart." And so I do.
The wind is knocking over trashcans all over town. The cans are even rolling in the streets as if God were playing.
The wind howls, but my birdies right outside my window sing for joy. They know their Heavenly Father cares for them. And He cares for me.
When wind comes strong, it reveals the power of God. His natural elements reveal His glory. Sometimes God does things in the physical realm that He is going to reproduce in the spiritual realm. My prayer partner and I have been praying for The Spirit of God to come to our town. Could this mighty rushing wind outside be the spiritual antecedent of an outpouring of God’s mighty Spiritual Breath here? That is my sincere desire and hope.
My partner and I were without "feelings" in our prayer time today. We prayed anyway, knowing that God’s Word said that He would meet us "Where two or more are gathered together in My name". He did meet us and by the time I left, His assurances were enough to make us both smile. Isn’t that just like God?
I also met a postal worker who is another warrior for the Lord. Yes, the Lord is building His army one at a time. He is joining up the ranks.
How wonderful it is that Jesus is our leader. Sometimes one of us is strong and exhorts the other. Next time, it’s the reverse. God always speaks prophetically either as we share or pray. He speaks His life into our lives. Burdens we brought into the prayer time are laid down at the altar and joy bursts forth.
It is true that you can’t see the wind, but you can see where the wind moves.
The wind blew through town today. It upturned things, moved things out of the way, and made a path for new beginnings.
Such warfare there was this morning. Such a great God we have. He knew what He wanted to do. Praise God for His Mighty Wind.
(Thank you for dropping by. See you next time. Nancy

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