Saturday, May 30, 2009

Carry On

Scribed by Gracie Prior
Dearest One,
So you have failed, have you? Is it the first time for you or just one of many? It doesn't matter. There is only one cure for failure. Success? No, that is not it. The cure is to go on. You might try to find that place in yourself , but I'm calling you to turn to Me. I am your God. I know about the failed life. Some of my best friends failed Me. There are even those who would say I was a failure. To the natural eye, that may be true.
But gladly, I am supernatural. Because I live, now My life is a saving success. You, in your sorrow, come to Me. Let's reason. Do that thing one more time. Try a new way. You were born for great things. But you need Me. I am the one who causes the dead to live, the soldier to fight on. I alone have the victory.
Your Jesus

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