Friday, May 8, 2009

May 8 Penny Candy

For being well-behaved, my sister and I would each get a nickel to go to the store for candy. We had a romp through the field behind our house where spittle bug and butterfly played. The final stretch of the journey was a stony road which teased us uphill. At the top we spied our store and raced to the brownstone which cradled it beneath. We walked down the stone steps into the coolness and relief of a hot summer's day. Our store was actually a butcher shop and the butcher always smiled at us.
There was a tall glass case with many shelves filled with candy. My sister ran over and studied the candy bars. Back then, she could choose a Clark Bar, Milky Way, Snickers or Three Muskateers. Or she could get a Sky Bar. Sky Bars had four different fillings covered with chocolate. Or she could decide on Necco Wafers. These were little multi-colored circles, each with a different flavor. She picked out one of those chocolate candy bars. Nice choice, but when it was gone, it was gone.
My nickel was saved for penny candy. Yes, you could get a tasty treat for a penny. I could choose five things. Perhaps I'd get a long piece of black licorice. Oh, I know licorice has a bad name now, but my kind was chewy and sweet. Do they make that kind anymore? Maybe I'd pick a little celophane package of pretend watermelon slices. I could get a candy peanut, a candy orange slice with sugar, or a red coin with the words 'one cent' printed on it.
The silliest thing in the cabinet was wax lips. These were to be worn, laughed over, chewed, and spit out. On another shelf of the glass case, the store carried bubble gum with comics, colored dots you ate off a paper, or jawbreakers to be chewed at your own risk.
In the corner of the store was a gumball machine filled with gum, small toys, and miniature decks of cards. Some days I would try for the cards.
When the butcher crossed his arms, I knew it was time to decide. He gave me a little bag and I put five things inside. I gave him my nickel. By then, my sister was done with her candy bar and I had a bag full of good things to treasure.
What did I buy? What do you think? Here's a little bag for you.
(Did I miss anything? What would you put inside? Till next time, enjoy your treats. Nancy)

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