Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5 Open Up to Spring

(Here is an essay that I hope you enjoy.)
Open Up To Spring
Gracie Prior
Once again, the weather is warmer and outside that wispy, wonderful excitement gets to our senses and we realize the world is good, again. Oh, there is growth in all seasons, but the movement in spring is exceptional. Not only are little green things springing up from the frozen ground and buds are bursting on trees, but there is also a hunger in the heart for more meaning. This season starts in bitter cold and ends in the warmth of a seasonal transition. So our minds and hearts, our very souls can form that same change from rigid weights and harsh imaginings to a freedom to worship our God and experience more of Him. Just as the crocuses must burst forth from hard ground, our growth must be a forward movement, not always easy. It is simpler to stay in one place, to get comfortable where we are spiritually. New ground is awe-inspiring and a bit fearful. But we must not be like the Israelites who searched the Promised Land and came back with a bad report. When God says the land is good, we must believe Him and pursue it with all our hearts.
It is true there may be giants in the land but we must not be afraid. He has given us skills to fight for new territory. That is what we learned in the wilderness, where the ground was hard and unbending. Now that we have fertile soil to cultivate, we can plant for new growth and expect a harvest.
In the spring we plant flowers, we cultivate vegetables in gardens, we plant trees. When we do, we are expecting something. We are not just looking for exercise or extra work. So, when we seek our own Promised Land, our new place in the Lord, we should work with hope and joy. Faith comes into play both spiritually and literally as we plant our seeds.
We are not left to a harsh taskmaster. We hear the birds sing. Their voices alone should be enough to cheer us on our way. We have the beautiful sunshine that is most healthy and appreciated. And we have less weight. We can peel off layers and enjoy a greater freedom of movement.
Things won't be perfect. There will be problems. Spring brings worms and bugs which are necessary to air out the soil. Who is on our side? The Lord strong and mighty. Let's open up to spring and take our steps. Every step we take the Lord has given us.
(This makes me want to go pull that brown crispy stuff from my garden and think about what I want to plant. Next time, I'll tell you what I think "Double Vision" means. Hope to see you right here. Nancy)


  1. I knew you were a good writer, but your entries are so beautiful! I'm really enjoying the read! :)

  2. Hey, it's Ben! Love the spring analogy. We're just about to plant our garden. No worms in the planter boxes though!