Friday, May 22, 2009

Picture Day

My wonderful friend helped me to get my picture on the blog for you. I wouldn't be able to do this without much help. You can see I'm wearing a shirt that says Detroit. We have many great sports venues in this area, but the only one I'm much interested in is baseball. I love it. Loved it when my kids played it, love it now. To me it's like ballet. The way the guys jump to make a catch, or twist to throw, or swing (in slow motion) one out of the park. My very favorite move is the double play. It's just so quick, something so skillful, I can only imagine the mental processes and agility.
I also visited the library today. My computer is old and it freezes sometimes. I wanted to see what other bloggers were saying and thought it work better somewhere else. My first dissappointment was that I needed to enter the computer a different way because it had been three or more years since I had tried to do that. Then I got going and my blog kept zapping out when I didn't want it to. And they, lastly, just when I was enjoying some blog stories and tried to get on a new site, their computer froze. The very kind librarian told me to try another machine. The new one was the T.V. type, not the "in the table" brand. My "Boomer" eyes could see it much better. I repeated all my steps and found a wonderful lady whose entry encouraged my failing attenpts and also had a good word about our children. So I have to say that the Lord knows just what you need on any given day. My hope is that you find some joys and helps here as you go on your journey. Next time, I'm going to do a devotion so stay tuned. Nancy


  1. Yolanda, you'll never know how much you helped me yestrday. Thanks so much.