Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ladders to Heaven

Read Genesis 28:10-12,16-17

Several years ago, I had two gerbils with a two-story cage. They slept on the top and ate on the floor. Now they had a habit of knocking down the ladder that went from one floor to the next. They did this deliberately. Of course, they could always get to where they wanted by crawling on the sides.
God gives us ladders to help us get closer to Him. Why do we keep knocking them down? We have prayer, the Bible, praise, and His presence. We knock the ladders down by pride, thinking we can do it on our own.
Sometimes the gerbils would try to jump to the next floor and miss. Then they had to hang there, barely able to pull themselves up. There was always the possibility that they could fall and get hurt. I faithfully and consistently replaced the ladder because I loved them and hoped they would get some sense.
God keeps replacing our ladders and making new ones. He wants the best for us which is total dependence on Him.
Father, thank you that you always want to connect us to You.


  1. Our sermon from our pastor this morning was an acrostic of HUMBLE...and of course the opposite of humility is pride. great visual!

  2. WOnderful analogy:) I will be thinking of this in the coming days. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog--I am enjoying yours.

  3. Yolanda and Terri - Thanks for the encouragement. It is so helpful to a beginner. I enjoy reading your blogs and the comments from your readers. Have a great day.