Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4 About that Journal

I have just finished a journal. It's one of those slim notebooks you get at the discount store. I'm sorry to say it took my three years to complete. To say that there were dry spells would be an understatement. Last night, I read it through from beginning to end. Such a powerful thing to do. I discovered how faithful the Lord has been in these years. One son found the girl of his dreams, got engaged, and now is getting married. Another son and daughter in law are about to adopt a baby, so I will finally be a grandmother. My daughter passed a very difficult test and graduated from college. My husband found out that an operation he had earlier will likely last and not have to be redone. I prayed for healing of several issues and the Lord healed me. All this and the everyday trials and troubles that come to everyone, I journaled and found the Lord faithful. I highlighted those places that were so profound. Now I can see them quickly. What a faith-builder a journal can be. It's a glorious sunny day today. God bless. Nancy


  1. GOD IS GOOD! I LOVE reading through old journals, they are a sure sign of his faithfulness.

  2. I was invited over here by Rebekah. I cant wait to read your blog for years to come. You are a wonderful writer and your words fit together so well.

    Rebekah (Birthmom to your soon to be grandson)

  3. Rebekah(Birthmom to my soon to be grandson)
    I'm so excited to get your comment. And I'm so happy to meet you. Thanks for your encouraging comment.

  4. Rebekah and Ben
    Teresa is here helping me to figure out how to send comments. Thanks for all your help and lively encouragement. I love you guys.