Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ripples In a Pool

I used to belong to a group called Women's Aglow. For about three or four years I was inspired by wonderful praise, good fellowship, and speeches that seemed on fire. In fact, the very atmosphere of the place was full of the presence of the Lord. That glow stayed with me all day and the messages even longer. Recentlly, I was going back over those speeches and condensing them greatly. There was a lot that didn't apply now, but an amazing amount that "burned" as I read them again. One of these was by a lovely lady named Karen and the year was l998, more than ten years ago. When I read her speech on self-image, it touched my heart and I took note of her steps to have the positive imaage the Lord wants me to have. So, Karen, where ever you are, here's to you. Your message is still out there, getting wider and wider and filling in places with hope that you never dreamed about. We all have that influence in the things we say and do. So take heart today, "your work is not in vain in the Lord." Nancy

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