Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2, 2009 Double Vision

Today I have a travel tip for you. I collect all those perfume samples that come in magazines. I find that most of them smell better than some of my perfumes. It turns out I gathered an unruly mass of them. So now I
a have a little tin of them spread prettily in my bathroom, a bunch on my dresser, and unfortunately, many left over. The tip is: because of the problem taking liquids on planes now, you can take a selection of the strips with you instead. When you cut the strip from the magazine, cut it in two across the short way. Then you will have a sample to put on in the morning and a refresher for your purse for later - no spills (and you won't be mixing fragrances.)

Also wanted to let you know that I got my spring cleaning done yesterday, on May first. That was a week early. I have just had so much energy. This blog with the new ideas coming energizes me. So this week I got all my kitchen done and the dining room and the den and the hall closet. Now everything is in its place. I love that. It all started three weeks ago when before I realized it, I was in the midst of cleaning. I was like Mr. Mole in The Wind In the Willows where he started whitewashing his ceiling and then got that whiff of spring air and went on an adventure. I stayed and cleaned instead.

Cleaning house is just one of the ways The Lord has been helping me get exercise. Today I walked around with my neighbor. Another time, I had to walk a block to a jewelry store to get a gift and the store wasn't even opened. And then the time I walked to chedk the mail and got back and found an outgoing letter on my dresser. So, I had to do the trip over. Finally, there was the baby I told you about earlier and my many flights up and down the stairs. I even kept limber by being on the floor a lot with him. So spring is bringing me many new and good things. I hope for you, too.

Here is a poem from my early writings. I'd love it if you could tell me what you think it means. I will say what I think in a later blog.

Double Vision
Gracie Prior
Playing childish zoo games
Crouched behind a chair,
Bars appear before me
My vision to impair.
My child roars his laughter,
"Mommy's in a cage,"
As wild his leaping shadow
On my wall has set the stage.
Why's he laughing at me?
This play was all for him.
Could it be he likes me
With my wit and eye so dim?
Sitting, resting, viewing,
My child still full of glee,
I place my face upon the bars
And find that I can see.
Lengthen my perspective,
I'm caged by callous youth
But up against reality
I gaze beyond to truth.
Playing childish zoo games,
He comes to take my hand
And pull me up to warm embrace
Then on to slumberland.
That's all for today. Nancy

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! That poem is incredible...and captures so much of you youthful heart and playing banter...I can't wait to see you with your grandson! :)

    FYI, I logged in and added the map to your left hand column and site reader to the bottom!