Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To Grandma

By Gracie Prior
This is to my Grandma whom I loved most of all. You would never know, that at my age, I would still love you so. I dreamed I saw you in Heaven, but you were in the farmhouse kitchen holding out a tray to me, an offering, a servant. Your sweet blue eyes looked all love at me.
I saw details: the old calendar, the stove, the clock, the refrigerater. So real. You put the tray on the diningroom table - a last offering. It said, "all is ready now. I will see you soon."
When I see you, will I remembeer all you were: the goodness, the peace, the aprons, the treats for me? Will I recall the barn, the smell of hay - such a smell it forever draws me back to that place?
You gave me freedom from criticism, from jobs to do, from competition and the openness of all-inclusive love and pure joy.
There was the droning of the bees outside, the rough pillow on my cheek, the sweet just below the surface sleep as the Cleveland Indians ballgame played in the background.
The nights - huge beds, rain on roofs. The porch - the fragrance of honeysuckle, the train in the distance and the thump of the swing.
As Emily would say in Thornton Wilder's Our Town, "Oh, world, you're too wonderful for words," once upon a time at a little Ohio farm with Grandma.
(This is one of my strongest memories. I have so many more of this time. Nancy)


  1. This is so beautiful! I've never heard that quote before, but I LOVE it. (And your picture is real cute under your 'About Me' section!)


  2. I hope someday Little Guy has similar memories of times with you! - Ben

  3. Rebekah and Ben - I hope so too! Thanks for your kind words.