Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 3 I Cover You

I want to share with you one of the ideas the Lord spoke to me:
I Cover You
Scribed by Gracie Prior
I will always cover you. That is your joy that you are forever covered by Me. Notice the tray in the store said,"a penny covers you." I will cover you. Think about that. Think a lot about it. You are covered by all that I am. You are covered. As in "I've got you covered." You were thinking - maybe I'll just put a penny in the dish when I see one - just for fun - just to give and not receive - even if others think I'm foolish. What is a penny? People don't pick one up off the ground because it's worth so little. But you put one in the dish. See if just by giving, your whole outlook changes. Also, let people in line when driving. You have given me your time. Let them in. I'll get you there. Don't worry about the person behind. I'll deal with him. Be generous. I will cover you.
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  1. This is beautiful!!! I feel like the Lord spoke those very words to me, a year ago. I needed a lot of covering over the last year...