Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One More Mystery

Yesterday, I had to go out and sweep up all of those little "airplanes" that the maple trees send down. And I know this is just the first wave. I can see many more on the trees. It's hard to keep up with them. I also hand picked them out of my garden. What I discovered was that it doesn't take much to make a maple tree. Some of them land seed-heavy down and stick up like a dagger in the ground. Before you can even get to them, they have started the process of a new plant. I see many one or two-inch plants when I am weeding. God surely loves maple trees. That got me thinking. Why are some things so easy and some so hard. Maples easy, turtles hard. (All those newborn baby turtles that are born on the beach and have to "run" the gauntlet to the sea to survive.) I guess it's just one of His mysterious ways. And then I think some more. I love maple syrup. Pancakes wouldn't be the same without it. Then there's that riot of color splashing the roadways during fall in Michigan. Too bad for the turtles, but I'm very glad that maple trees are easy.
(Just want to remind readers that Gracie Prior is my pen name that I use on some of my literary pieces. Blessings on this day. Nancy)

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  1. I miss those maple trees! We don't have them here but I remember those little things:))